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Precision for Kids - 2018 Annual Crowther's Ride

Precision for Kids - 2018 Annual Crowther's Ride


Team Precision for Kids

Our team is comprised of both veterans, some of whom have ridden the PMC for over 25 years, and rookies who are currently training for their first ride.  We have riders from all walks of life and are increasing in size each year.  The one commonality is our passion for supporting Dr. Janeway's research in the fight against pediatric cancer. 

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Original Riders:

Marissa Parent - Co-Captain - 9th Ride

Marissa is a veteran rider and the PMC has been a part of her family's life for as long as she can remember.  She helped pioneer the conception of our team and the partnership with Dr. Janeway.  While she rides for all the right reasons, she will be the first to tell you that the beverages at the finish line help heal all saddle wounds...

Mike Parent - Co-Captain - 23rd Ride

Mike has been hooked on the PMC for decades now.  He quite literally will not miss it for anything.  Mike was the other pioneer for the creation of Team Precision for Kids. The unofficial patriarch, Mike is the resident expert for all things PMC.  Whether you need fitness advice, logistic details, or which way to turn on a training ride, Mike is your man.

Jack Fitzgibbons - 29th Ride

Jack has been riding PMC longer than anyone else on our team.  In fact, Jack has been riding longer than some of our team members have been walking.  As part of a yearly attempt to help our new riders avoid the dreaded "rookie mistake" Jack supplies them with an invaluable list of things to know before your first ride.  This list gets more and more amusing each year.  If you want to see it, feel free to join our team for next year!

Andrew Duggan - 5th Ride

Why is Andrew the best riding buddy you may ask?  An engineer through and through, Andrew knows the ins and outs of a bike’s mechanics, is prepared for any and all biking mishaps and ALWAYS has at least 2 packets of sports beans on him (the self-proclaimed bean-boy).  Not to mention, he is now VERY well versed in how to appropriately hydrate during the ride. 

Katie Stallings - 6th Ride

Katie’s enthusiasm and energy for riding is completely infectious.  When she’s not pumping you up to crush a monster hill, she’s most likely making you laugh with one of her alter egos (like Hamptons Katie…) or with an exaggerated Hilarious accent.  Feeling down or tired during the ride? Find this fiery sparkplug for an emotional energy boost turning that frown upside-down! 


Patrick Cavanagh - 5th Ride

Patrick is our team "dad" always looking out for each and every one of us. He is also one of the nicest people on the planet.  Before his first PMC in 2015, Patrick had never ridden a bike for more than a mile.  Today he is a very experienced and accomplished rider with an unwavering dedication to fitness and a never give up mindset.


Mike Cantalupa - 4rd Ride

Mike’s focus and intensity is impressive and he is always there if you need anything (on the bike or in life).   He has been a leader of this team since the start, both from a riding and fundraising standpoint. Mike is also one of the fittest people you'll meet but no need to be intimidated...he is always nurturing, encouraging and supporting  new riders to join in the fun.


Sam Berry - 12th Ride

Sam is arguably one of the finest trainers and coaches in the fitness industry.  His passion for upgrading the industry's professionals to best serve the needs of all segments of the populations is unparalleled.  That has carried over to the PMC as he has over a decade of rides under his belt. We love Sammy's positive energy and willingness to do anything for our team's success.


Team Veterans:

New Team Members:

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